Hi there, I'm

Josh Hawkins.

I'm a Computer Science and Engineering student
at Mississippi State University.

About Me

I'm a computer science and engineering student at Mississippi State University, looking to graduate December of 2017.

I have experience as a software engineer, and interests in virtual reality, web development, and artificial intelligence. You can view my code online on GitHub. I'm looking for opportunities to work as a software engineer and gain more experience and exposure to other topics.

You can also view my resume here.

Open Source Code

I'm a big fan of open source code. You can check out mine on my GitHub below.

Recently, I've been programming bots and front-end components for the web browser game "Initium." You can see the howl (featured in the background image) and minitium projects were both made for this purpose.

I have also been working on a chrome extension called Simple Start Page, and I just released it on the chrome store!

Finally, I've also begun a simple python SMS library called Shawk, which targets Raspberry Pi users and provides a completely free and easy-to-use interface for sending SMS messages through email gateways.

Contact Josh Hawkins

Feel free to contact me for more information.